Belgien 2019

Interkultureller Austausch mit Kuurne / Belgien

Anfang Mai war die Klasse BKFR 1/2 zu Besuch bei unserer Partnerschule Spes Nostra in Kuurne / Belgien.

Day1, Monday, April 29th

Our trip began in Bad Urach at 8 am. We had a long way to go. On the way we listened to some music and had a break in Luxembourg, where we ate at Mc Donald’s.
We arrived in Kortrijk, at our youth hostel at 4:30 pm. Than we got a short introduction to the hostel and afterwards we got the key cards for our rooms. We made our beds very quickly because we wanted to go out as fast as possible.

Right after that we met the Belgian students in Kuurne who showed us the city with their teacher Nico. We had been in Belgium for maybe three or four hours when we had to eat our first fries. After we had seen the city we had a traditional beer called ”Filou“. We went back to our youth hostel in Kortrijk and then we walked into town where we had dinner and bought something to drink and some snacks for the hostel. At the hostel we hung out together until we fell asleep.
What an amazing first day!

Patrick, Niklas, Arlind

Day 2, Tuesday, April 30th

Our Tuesday in Belgium

Our day started like every day with having breakfast together in the dining room of the youth hostel. After breakfast we drove with our two buses to the city of Bruges. After the 45-minute ride we met our exchange teacher Elise in the centre of Bruges. Together with Elise we walked to the central station of Bruges. On the way Elise told us some interesting facts about Bruges and showed us some pretty amazing places.

At the central station we met the guide of a city game. For the game we had to divide into groups of four people. Every group got a smartphone and some important papers for the game. The target of the game was to find a murderer and his weapon. With the help of the phone, which gave us some information about the murderer and the weapon, we had to solve the case in 90 minutes. We had a lot fun by trying to solve the challenge and to get to know the city in that funny way. We finished the game at 1 pm.

After saying goodbye to the game guide, we divided into small groups again. We used the rest of the time differently. We had lunch, went shopping, made a boat trip, took photos or just walked through the city. At six pm we met again in the city centre and drove back to the youth hostel. We spent the evening differently again.

We had a great time in Bruges. All of us have been fascinated by the amazing city, with the old houses.

By Hannah & Lissy

Brugge; afternoon

After playing the city game which was a lot of fun, our teachers decided to give us some free time to explore the beautiful city. We had about five hours and we decided to go somewhere and eat something.

We went to a restaurant near the ”Paardebrugge (Pferdebrücke)“ and ate something since we were very hungry. After spending some time with each other, we decided to split up in even smaller groups because not everyone wanted to do the same things as the others.

After we had split up, my group decided to go buy some souvenirs for our families and friends. There were a lot of people and a lot of spots where we could find things like magnets, postcards and so on.

We explored Brugge by going to places we randomly found on a map on the phone. We saw a lot of old buildings and the streets were very different. We noticed that a lot of people travelled by bike which surprised us a bit but it’s smart because there aren’t any hills in Belgium.

So after we had bought the souvenirs for our families, we found a nice park where we decided to chill a bit. We really enjoyed the time and we were fascinated by almost everything: the buildings, or should I say architecture, the streets, the people and the food – especially the fries.

The most beautiful thing were probably the three small bridges, one of them the ”Paardebrugge“, I think. They were next to each other and they looked very similar but each of them had a different feature. Under those bridges was a river and every five minutes a boat with tourists passed by. We took a lot of pictures – it was impossible not to.

We also saw horses, there were a lot of horses and carriages. They were riding through the whole city, you could see them everywhere. Definitely didn’t expect that.

So, as we chilled in the park, we talked a lot and I guess some of us were tired because we already had to walk a lot during the city game.

The weather was okay, at first it was cloudy and kind of cold but not that cold. After a few hours it got better and warmer, even the sun came out later – of course: as we were leaving. But that wasn’t a big problem because we still enjoyed the time there and we didn’t really pay attention to that.

After those five hours we went to the market place where we met our teachers and the other groups. As everyone was there , we headed to the parking lot where our teachers had parked our busses. On the way there, we saw a lot of students in bars and cafes who were partying, because it was the day before the 1st of May.

We reached the parking lot and headed back to our hostel. I think this was one of the most exciting days in Belgium.

Wiktoria, Stefanie & Alina

Day 3, Wednesday, May 1st

On Wednesday our group went to visit war cemeteries. Our group got up at 07:45 am. Then we went to have breakfast with the others. At 08:30 we drove to Kuurne to meet Nico, he then drove with us to the first war cemetery. When we arrived, his son told us a little bit background story about the cemetery which is called ”Tyne Cot”, and that it belonged to the “Commonwealth of Nations”. He told us that the Belgian Government gave the whole cemetery to the Commonwealth of Nations. We walked around the cemetery and looked at it. Over 12 thousand soldiers were buried in there. Some of the gravestones showed the name, rank, nation.
Some other gravestones only showed from what country they are, and others only showed that they were soldiers. That’s because some times the bodies could not be identified, and the remains were still buried in honour of the soldiers. After we leaving Tyne Cot, we drove to a cemetery where only German soldiers of WW 1 were buried. The German cemetery in Vladslo was smaller than the one of the Commonwealth of Nations. The son of the renowned artist Käthe Kollwitz is buried here, that’s why there is the impressive monument “The Grieving Parents” is located here. We looked around, and held minute of silence together with Nico and his family in honour of the fallen soldiers. After we left the cemetery we drove to the beach in Ostend.


Day 3, Wednesday, May 1st

Oostende- de Stad aan Zee

After a great and emotional morning at the cemeteries we went – all a little hungry – for lunch to the ”Koekoek“ wich is a restaurant which sells only chicken. There, we met up with our exchange partners and while waiting for our lunch (chicken with apple sauce ,in my opinion a very strange but delicious combo) we talked about our morning and what we had done and visited. Another funny thing about the restaurant was that we had to eat the chicken only with our hands we just got a spoon for the applesauce. After finishing our lunch we went to the beach with the Belgians. The sea, which is the North Sea is just a few metres away from the restaurant. We had about an hour of free time to do and explore what ever we wanted. Of course, it was too cold for taking a bath, so most of the Belgian and German boys started to play soccer on the beach, a few guys went into town and a few girls (including me) started to build a sand castle and to collect some seashells. A lot of us also took a walk to see the whole beach and with a little luck some seals. Unfortunately, we did not see any seals but we had a great walk with nice views and we took a lot of pictures. There were a lot of beautiful and special things to take pictures of. After our walk we sat down on the sand and start talking about the differences between Germany and Belgium while waiting for our teachers to pick us up. This was the first day that we spend a lot of time on with the Belgians and we all had a lot of fun. After saying good bye to our exchange partners and about an hour of driving we arrived at five p.m. again in Kortrijk where our hostel was. A lot of us took a shower to go into town later to pick up something to eat for dinner (of course in one of the ”Frituurs“, Belgian fries are the best), exploring the town a bit or for just visiting the funfair which was also in the town and a big event for the inhabitants of Kortrijk and Kuurne. It had been long journey so a few of us just stayed in the hostel because they were very tired. They day was very great we learned a lot of new things about World War 1 , saw the beautiful beach, had fun with our exchange partners and of course ate the best chicken in the world. : )


Thursday, May 2nd

Our day at school

Our day at school started at 9 am in Kuurne. The name of the school is „Spes Nostra“ and it is in the centrer of Kuurne. After a short tour through the school we met the headmaster who greeted us. He was very friendly. A few minutes later our first lesson started. It was one of my favorite subjects: Chemistry. In this lesson we were split up in small groups and every group played a chemistry game which was a lot of fun. After Chemistry we had a break and – different to Germany – there were no mobile phones allowed and so the kids spoke to each other and played basketball. Later, our class was split up into small groups and every group had its own schedule. The next lesson for my group was „Duits“. That is something like German lesson for us. We tried to do some of the exercises which the nice teacher gave us but it was not so easy. The next and last lesson was very funny because we had English and we were with kids in the class who were maybe 12 or 13 years old. So it was very easy for us to work together with the kids and they were all so lovable and sweet. That was the best lesson of the whole week! After the English lesson school was over for us and so we got some lunch.


Sports activities

In Belgium on Thursday in the afternoon we did some sports activities with the Belgians. Some played football, others baseball and some badminton. It was a really funny afternoon and we really enjoyed it because everybody participated and you saw their faces with a smile. First we played football with half of the Germans and half of the Belgians. It was really exciting because everyone was really good at it. After some matches we played baseball with the teachers and most of the German and Belgian students. We played baseball for the first time and it was harder than we thought. Everyone gave their best and tried to play well in these activities. We also laughed a lot and we think everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Florim and Leonard

Our evening at the tennis club:

In the evening we went to the tennis club ”d’Hoeve“ in Kuurne because Nico challenged Patrick for a match. We wanted to cheer Patrick on. At the beginning none of us wanted to play tennis because it was already evening and we were a little bit tired because we had been out since 08:30 on that morning. But we could not refuse the invitation when we saw Nico. He had a big smile on his face when he saw us. Nico was very happy that we had come to play tennis with him. So we decided to stay.
First, Nico played against Patrick. Unfortunately Patrick lost in a close match. But it was still a good match. After Nico´s and Patrick´s match a few others from our class and I played against Nico, too. We had a lot of fun.
After the games, Nico made some fries for us, which we ate with Mayonnaise. Time passed quickly and so we spent two and a half hours there.
It was a nice, last evening in Belgium.